Have you seen this Man?

Disclaimer: The videos linked in this entry contain swearing.

I think, so far I’ve had 2 experiences like this, where an object I have owned for a long time suddenly reveals a shocking detail months later. However, one of them is rather convoluted and difficult to explain in an at least somewhat interesting fashion. The other one however, even includes video evidence. So if you’re not one for reading through all of this:

  1. Why are you here? This is a blog… conveying information in textual form
  2. Scroll down to the video link titled “The Shock Moment”, it explains most of what I’m covering here anyway

Still here? Good. Let’s start where it all begins, which is remarkably often 1993.

The point and click horror puzzle adventure FMV game “The 7th Guest” is released on April 1st 1993 in the US and on June 23rd 1993 in the EU. Together with MYST, it helps establishing the CD-ROM as a medium for video games. It is popular enough to inspire the sequel “The 11th Hour” in 1995 which sadly could not repeat its predecessor’s success. That did not stop a group of fans from making their own sequel, funded via Kickstarter, and released in October 2019. I back it, get it, play it, finish it, and ignore it thereafter.

Fast-forward to November 2020, where Later Levels streams the obscure beauty of a game that is “General Horse and the Package of Doom”. Without irony, my game of the year 2020. For more on that game, check out their blog post here.

Containing many oddities, it features:

  • a love-hungry space-bug,
  • worshipping of a random face in a desert,
  • learning a language that is the colour blue,
  • obtaining a hat for a fashion ninja,
  • drinking a witch under the table,
  • having a space shanty dedicated to you,
  • travelling to the planets “Bipolaria”, “Broccoli 998” and “Planet 69”,

among others. The combination of low budget production and slav humour made me gasp for air, both while watching, and when playing it myself.

Now I Promise this will lead to something, just bear with me a little while longer. One more time, fast-forward to Monday, Jan 4th 2021, when I replay “the 13th Doll” because I remember it having good puzzles.

A few hours later, the following happens:

The Shock Moment

In case you can’t currently watch video, here’s the rest in text and pictures: In the Room labelled “Gallery” the Following Picture is seen:

However, that face was familiar, as it was the face in the picture that was worshipped in the desert in “General Horse and the Package of Doom”

Together with chat, after a few minutes of research, we found out that that person, known as “Lake Kubilius”, likes backing Games on Kickstarter, with the intent not to only fund the game, but also get his face included in some fashion.

Additionally, I have run into his face one more time. In “Myha – Return to the Lost Island” he is not only included with his portrait, but his name appears one more time in the game, making his existence in the game as a character canon within the game.

My third time meeting Lake

Now, I’m not suggesting that his canonicity gives rise to connections like the The Tommy Westphall Hypothesis (which is quite the Rabbit Hole in case you’ve never seen it). However, it is a very fun connection of The 7th Guest, a MYST-like, and the most ludicrous game of 2020.

Dang, blogging is hard…

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